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Michigan Energy Fair

Michigan Energy Fair (10)

Information about Michigan Renewable Energy Fair 2015

The Michigan Energy Fair has a long history of bringing information to homeowners, businesses and governments. This video is from the 2009 Michigan Energy Fair which was held in Onekama, Michigan.

Sunday, 14 June 2015 20:54

2015 Events: Saturday Schedule

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Saturday June 27, 2015*

*Note: there are workshops that run concurrently and they are held in different buildings: Bricks, Crops and the Community Hall. There are NO workshops in the Exhibit Hall. If you are unsure where your workshop is being held, please ask assistance from a GLREA Volunteer or go to the GLREA booth and ask.

Bricks Workshop Schedule

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[accordion_item title="9 AM Bricks Designing a Net Zero Energy Home"]

How to use the optimal mix of energy efficiency, passive solar and photovoltaic electricity to achieve a net zero energy home. Wayne Appleyard Sunstructures Architects 5750 Prospect Hill Grass Lake MI 734 994-5650 Wayne is an Architect who has been designing green buildings for over 40 years with extensive experience with all renewable energy systems. He is also the Chair of the Ann Arbor Energy Commission


[accordion_item title="10 AM Bricks: Energy Efficiency Case Studies"]

Todd O'Grady of Michigan Saves reviews residential and commercial case studies in energy savings through energy efficiency and renewable energy utilizing Michigan Saves financing.


[accordion_item title="2 PM Bricks: Creating a Circular Economy"]

Western Michigan University Aquaponics Team, the Western Sustainers, present their award winning plan for a circular economy. The team was the first place winner of the Wege Prize 2015. Their design, which earned them a $15,000 prize is an agricultural system that upcycles waste and acts in symbiosis with the surrounding community.


[accordion_item title="3 PM Bricks: Lansing Board of Water and Light Customer Programs"]

Lansing Board of Water & Light staff will discuss energy incentives, services, and programs available to their electric customers.



Crops Workshop Schedule

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[accordion_item title="9 AM Crops: Saving Civilization One Tomato at a Time"]

Saving Civilization One Tomato at a Time - Learning to become food self-sufficient and secure for a sustainable future. The session will open with an analysis of the challenges families face in accessing fresh, healthy and nourishing food at an affordable price and how our food choices impact energy use. Next we will explore promising innovations, including tips on "yardfarming," foraging and food preservation as ways to stretch food dollars while reducing fossil fuel consumption. The session will close to an exploration of federal, state and local policy issues that can hep us create a new and sustainable food future. Bonnie Bucqueroux, Michigan State University


[accordion_item title="10 AM Crops: Community Solar Update"]

Community Solar Update:

This forum will discuss Community Solar development in Michigan. Hosted by Dave Konkle, GLREA Board member and principal author of Michigan Energy Office's "Guidebook for Community Solar Programs in Michigan Communities", this session features a panel of presenters who will talk about their efforts to promote Community Solar in Michigan. The panel includes: Nancy Popa, Director of Renewable Energy for Consumers Energy to talk about their new, soon to start, Community Solar pilot program; and Mike Erickson from Community Green Energy to talk about his company and their Community Solar project in Laketown, MI at the historic Felt Mansion, which is just getting started.
There will be time for questions and discussions.

Dave Konkle, GLREA, Nancy Popa, Consumers Energy, Jessica Wheaton, Traverse City Light & Power, and Mike Erickson, Community Green Energy will discuss Community Solar projects and opportunities in Michigan.


[accordion_item title="11 AM Crops: Community Gardens: How and Why"]

Mariah McClean, Saginaw Valley Sustainability/360.org discusses the how and why to build community gardens in your local community. Mariah will discuss challenges that may be faced to lessen the learning curve for successful project outcomes.


[accordion_item title="1 PM Crops: Community Wind"]

Community Wind: Tom Wind, an electrical engineer and consultant from Iowa, has helped communities across the country develop wind projects. He will discuss Community Wind issues and opportunities.


[accordion_item title="2 PM Crops: ASES Solar Home Tour Meeting"]

ASES Solar Home Tour Meeting: GLREA is the state chapter for the American Solar Energy Society and facilitates the ASES National Solar Home Tour the first Saturday in October. Interested in organizing a tour in your community? Learn from experienced tour organizers what’s involved. Open to Public


[accordion_item title="3 PM Crops: Energy Audits: Finding HIdden Savings"]

A general guide to energy audits. What is an energy audit? How they work and can benefit you for many low cost /no cost energy savings measures. Doug Elbinger, Newman Consulting Group


[accordion_item title="4 PM Crops: Ask the Solar Expert"]

Ask Solar Experts: Thinking about buying a solar system or you have an issue you would like to discuss? A panel of solar contractors will answer your questions.



Community Hall Workshop Schedule

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[accordion_item title="11 AM Community Hall Michigan Solar Users Network Kick-Off"]

Michigan Solar Users Network Kick-Off: Celebrate solar energy, hear testimonials, network with your fellow solar owners, get a free “Love My Solar!” bumper sticker, and sign up for MiSUN.


[accordion_item title="Noon Community Hall: Skip Pruss + Scholarship Drawing"]


[accordion_item title="3 PM Community Hall Exported From Michigan Documentary"]

Jon VanderPol, Michigan director. The story of Michigan’s economic transformation locally in art, music and craft beer, plus in big business wind, solar and hybrid electric cars. The film follows the University of Michigan Solar Car Team competing in the 2013 World Solar Challenge in Australia. (92 minutes)



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Sunday, 14 June 2015 19:05

2015 Events: Friday Schedule

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Click here for detailed Saturday Schedule

Friday June 26, 2015*

*Note: there are workshops that run concurrently and they are held in different buildings: Bricks, Crops and the Community Hall. There are NO workshops in the Exhibit Hall. If you are unsure where your workshop is being held, please ask assistance from a GLREA Volunteer or go to the GLREA booth and ask.

Bricks Workshop Schedule

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[accordion_item title="10 AM Bricks: Zero Energy Affordable Housing"]

In an exciting cooperative partner-ship, Habitat for Humanity and HomeStretch are currently building a 21-family neighborhood, designed in every aspect to provide residents with a sustainable future – both financially, socially, and environmentally. The Depot Neighborhood will consist of five three-story duplexes and townhouses built by HomeStretch Non-Profit Housing Agency, and ten single-family homes built by Habitat for Humanity – Grand Traverse Region.

The homes have been designed to make use of many green technologies, with the goal of creating a net-zero community that will save families from the often-crippling burden of energy costs. In addition, the use of such technologies will allow residents to become eligible for federal tax incentives, further decreasing the costs of home ownership. The neighborhood is centrally located in Traverse City to allow ready access to employment opportunities and other necessary living resources, reducing the need for transportation and the cost of living for the families. To foster social interactions between residents of the Depot, all the houses are designed facing inward around a shared park, creating a healthy, neighborly environment.

Presenter Bio Ryan McCoon – LEED AP-H Principal Endura Performance Homes Traverse City, MI Endura Performance Homes is a residential new home construction company that was created in 2009 on the belief that a building should reduce its impact on the environment through conservation, reduced energy consumption, and using sustainable, durable products in its construction, along with promoting exceptional indoor air quality for the occupants it serves.

Endura Performance Homes promotes Home Innovation National Green Building Standard (NAHB) certification, USGBC LEED for Homes certification, US Passive Haus certification, and/or Living Building Challenge on each of their projects. Endura Performance Homes also serves as project manager for Habitat for Humanity - GTR. Endura Performance Homes involvement has helped HFH transition their construction program to a sustainable model for both our environment and the families they serve. EPH and HFH’s latest project is the first affordable Net Zero neighborhood development in the State of Michigan – The Depot Neighborhood, Traverse City, MI.

Ryan McCoon is a LEED AP-Homes (Accredited Professional) through the US Green Building Council and a Certified Passive House Builder through Passive House Institute US. Ryan McCoon also serves as Vice President on the Executive Board for the local Home Builders Association and in addition, sits on the Green Build Committee for the same organization. Through his involvement in HFH and HBA, Ryan quite frequently promotes performance building practices through local presentations and training events. Ryan was recently graciously awarded Humanitarian of the Year through HBA of Grand Traverse.


[accordion_item title="11 AM Bricks: Small is Beautiful: Appropriate Technology Collaborative

Appropriate Technology Collaborative (ATC) designs, develops, demonstrates and distributes appropriate technology solutions for the world's poorest people. Learn how affordable and small scale solar, wind, and hydro are changing lives.


 [accordion_item title="2 PM Bricks: How New EPA Regulations Will Affect The Use of Renewable Biomass For Heating"]

New EPA standards will become effective May 15, 2015. As the CEO of Hawken Energy, Mr. Walborn is one of the most knowledgeable business executives on this topic and has been asked to testify before both the Michigan Senate and House committees on energy. He has also presented before the White House Office of Management and Budget on the topic while these rules were being formulated. These new rules regulate the use of biomass in all its forms - pellets, wood chips, firewood - and in all types of heating systems including pellet burners, woodstoves, outdoor wood furnaces, warm air furnaces, etc. Biomass is often referred to as the most abundant renewable fuel on the planet and is currently used in over 10 million US homes for primary heating (this does not include fireplaces which are mostly decorative). New EPA rules will drastically change the use of biomass renewable fuel systems. These standards will make systems more efficient, and will reduce emissions dramatically. Consumers should be aware of these changes and their timetable for implementation.

Warren Walborn
Hawken Energy
1064 Industrial Park Drive
Shelby Michigan 49455

Warren W. Walborn A seasoned business leader, Mr. Walborn’s career includes a blend of experience in Wall Street M&A, energy corporation, and venture capital venues. Mr. Walborn has an outstanding record of creating value while maintaining a strict bottom-line orientation. Currently, he is President and CEO of Hawken Energy, Inc., a start-up company focused on the innovative use of renewable fuels to provide low cost energy solutions for its customers. Prior to launching this company, Mr. Walborn was Managing Director of Pentwater Group, LLC, a boutique advisory firm dedicated to supporting companies through early stages of development and growth. During 2002, Mr. Walborn served as the CEO and board member of a client company, AirMatrix Technologies, Inc., a medical device company focused on sleep disorder diagnosis. Mr. Walborn successfully navigated this company from its inception through a negotiated sale to a publicly traded medical device company. Through Mr. Walborn’s efforts, bridge loan investors in AirMatrix received a 20 percent cash on cash IRR during the worst year in recorded history for such investments.

In a prior assignment, Mr. Walborn was a Venture Partner for EnerTech Capital, the preeminent venture capital firm in the energy and communications industries with $285 million under management. In this assignment, Mr. Walborn assisted EnerTech with investment sourcing, analysis and negotiations, and coordinated a merger for a portfolio company. In his prior position, Mr. Walborn was head of venture investments in new energy technology companies at American Electric Power, one of the largest utilities in the United States. In this capacity, Mr. Walborn also directed investment management of AEP’s portfolio of such companies. Mr. Walborn served on the board of PHPK Technologies, a company focused on superconductivity products which has doubled revenues every two years since becoming a portfolio company under Mr. Walborn’s direction. Further, he was a member of the AEP Corporate Technology Council, and Patent Review Committee.

Mr. Walborn is the inventor of US Patent No. 6,522,031, “A Power Load Leveling System and Packet Electrical Energy Storage” and other patent pending devices. Mr. Walborn joined AEP from the U.S. Generating Company where he directed project finance and M&A activities. In the five years Mr. Walborn was with the company, USGen was transformed from a small developer into the largest domestic independent power producer with over 10,000 megawatts of capacity under management. Prior to that position, he worked at Goldman, Sachs & Co. as a consultant. Mr. Walborn started his career with GE Capital in their leveraged buyout group.

Mr. Walborn earned an MBA with Honors in Finance from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business where he was a LEAD Fellow and a May Scholar. He is also a graduate of Brigham Young University, where he received his bachelor's degree in economics. Prior to his university studies, Mr. Walborn attended Hawken School, a nationally-recognized college preparatory school located near Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Walborn lives in Shelby, Michigan with his wife, Karen, and they have five daughters. He is an instrument-rated pilot and enjoys reading, golf, coaching soccer, and any sporting event involving his children.


[accordion_item title="3 PM Bricks: Lansing Board of Water and Light Energy Incentives, Services and Programs for Customers"]

Lansing Board of Water & Light staff will discuss energy incentives, services, and programs available to their electric customers.


[accordion_item title="4 PM Bricks: How Micro-Grids Are Pratical for Your Home or Business"]

Greg Mulder, Coffman Electric discusses Micro-Grids: what they are and what makes them practical solutions for your home or business. Greg Mulder Coffman Electrical equipment 3300 Jefferson SE Grand Rapids Michigan 49548 616-915-2892 Greg has been in the energy and renewable energy business for over 15 years and was the designer of one of the first MW microgrid for the Military. He has done extensive testing of on and off-grid system on how inverters, batteries, generators, and HVAC systems work together. modular renewable power system for on and off-grid net zero homes This presentation will show how next generation technology can be integrated to design net zero home. It will show the step by step process that must be followed in component selection to insure that one selection will not creat issues later in design. The presentation will use case studies to show how this process will insure lowest cost for the system.



Friday June 26, 2015

Crops Workshop Schedule

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[accordion_item title="9 AM Crops: Solar Opportunities in MIchigan"]

Many local markets in Michigan present significant opportunities for PV project development due to high local utility rates. This presentation will identify jurisdictions that have a strong financial value proposition for PV development and provide a free modeling tool to help communicate the value to potential customers. Abhilash Kantamneni Michigan Tech 301 E Lakeshore Drive Houghton, Mi 49931 906-231-4208 Abhilash (Abhi) Kantamneni is a PhD Student in Computer Science at Michigan Tech, with a background in Electrical Engineering and Physics. Solar Market Opportunities in Michigan


[accordion_item title="1 PM Crops: Brightfields are Valuable Brownfields"]

Brightfields convert contaminated sites into productive land by creating solar energy systems. The US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) estimates that there are over 490,000 sites and almost 15 million acres of potentially contaminated properties, many of which are in urban areas. These properties, defined as Brownfield’s, have been idle for decades because the cost of site cleanup was high or uncertain due to the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant. Brownfields can be attractive siting options for solar projects especially as solar developers are increasingly challenged to find urban land of sufficient size and low cost. However, the use of contaminated property may require land remediation and additional permitting. Understanding these challenges is essential to keeping the solar project on time and on budget. This 50 minute seminar will cover locating appropriate Brownfields for solar development and pricing the additional costs involved.

Participants will leave understanding:

• The benefits of building on a Brownfield

• How to locate and determine site suitability

• The pathway to a Brightfield development

Beth Baxter & Doug Kilmer
1540 Eisenhower Place
Ann Arbor MI 48108

Beth Baxter has 9 years of experience in the sustainability industry with a MSc in Environmental Management & Sustainability and a background in energy efficiency. She began her work in Brightfield consulting three years ago writing a Brightfield feasibility study for an 87 acre SuperFund site in Chicago. Today, she is working with non-profits, municipalities and developers in Detroit and throughout the Midwest to develop renewable energy on brownfields.

Doug Kilmer, P.G. has 23 years of professional environmental consulting experience. Doug is adept at managing the liabilities associated with energy development and operations, as well as the management of impacted legacy sites including brownfields through effective strategic planning and innovative remediation solutions. Recently, Mr. Kilmer has worked on supporting several solar power generation facilities on brownfields in Michigan, including siting screenings and environmental liability due diligence and compliance management to support construction activities.



[accordion_item title="2 PM Crops: Building Sustainable Communities: Global Threats - Local Opportunities"]

Locally we are facing global threats that are stressing our environment and our economic and social fabric. Our challenge in rural communities and sub-urban municipalities is to achieve a level of resilience and self-reliance that helps adjust to these threats while capitalizing on the business opportunities they present. The purpose of this discussion is to provide communities in resource-rich Michigan with insight on how they can capitalize on the use of natural resources to diversity and grow local businesses while helping mitigate impacts of social, economic and environmental stressors. The stress to systems will be addressed to provide the rationale for action, and to convey the urgency with which local action can take place to help stimulate economic development. Technology and/or processes for renewable energy and bio-based materials will be presented to demonstrate local opportunities for small to medium sized businesses as a key avenue for displacement of fossil fuels and revenue generation. The central role of communities and community networks, perhaps within the framework of prosperity regions, will help demonstrate the manner in which a “designer community” approach can be taken to develop closed loop, eco-industrial systems through business to business partnerships facilitated by accommodating policies and community collaboration. Connecting these regional supply chains to the global marketplace can be facilitated by Michigan’s unique geographic position, its manufacturing heritage, its educational support systems, and the social and political will to design policies that accommodate business and enable communities.

Dr David DeYoe
Resource Trends
5152 Greystone Court
Harbor Springs Michigan 49740

Dr. David DeYoe is president of Resource Trends, which specializes in environmental and energy consulting. The company assists communities and companies in developing and implementing strategies to capture the benefits that a value-added green/clean economy can provide through the innovative use of renewable resources. Dr. DeYoe received his PhD in Biochemistry/Stress Physiology at the University of Missouri and served as a professor in Forest Science at Oregon State University for 9 years before entering the private sector as a senior researcher for MacMillan Bloedel in British Columbia. In 1992 he was asked to serve as General Manager of Ontario Forest Research Institute (OFRI) in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. OFRI is recognized internationally for providing information and tools relevant and useful to policy developers and forest practitioners. Since 2006 Dr. DeYoe has worked with numerous economic development organizations, small to medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations to help them develop bio-economic strategies and projects. He continues to lecture regularly on the use of renewable resources for mitigating environmental impacts while fostering economic opportunities for local business. He has severed on non-profit boards involving economic and business development, environmental R&D, community and regional GIS systems, and renewable energy. Dr. DeYoe is past Chairman of the Board for the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, a key driver in the development of Ontario’s Green Energy and Environment Act and Feed-in Tariff. He is committed to helping people, companies and communities adopt systems thinking, embrace change, and take relevant, doable steps toward a more resilient and self-reliant outcome for businesses and communities. Dr. DeYoe is currently serving on an interim Board for a Michigan bio-materials initiative working to diversity and expand the use of forest-based materials in value added products, including plastics, chemicals, lubricants, fabrics, food and health products, in addition to traditional wood products and renewable energy options.


[accordion_item title="3 PM Crops: Community Solar Update"]

Community Solar Update:

This forum will discuss the exciting development of Community Solar in Michigan. Hosted by Dave Konkle, GLREA Board member and principal author of Michigan Energy Office’s “Guidebook for Community Solar Programs in Michigan Communities”, this session features a panel of presenters who will talk about their efforts. The panel includes: Nancy Popa, Director of Renewable Energy for Consumers Energy to talk about their new, soon to start, Community Solar pilot program; Jessica Wheaton from Traverse City Light and Power to provide an update on Michigan's first Community Solar project - Solar Up North started in June 2013; and Mike Erickson from Community Green Energy to talk about his company and their Community Solar project in Laketown, MI at the historic Felt Mansion, which is just getting started.  

There will be time for questions and discussion.

Dave Konkle, GLREA, Nancy Popa, Consumers Energy, and Mike Erickson, Community Green Energy will discuss Community Solar projects and opportunities in Michigan.


[accordion_item title="4 PM Crops: Financing Your Project"]

Todd O'Grady of Michigan Saves and Cory Connoly, Levin Partners discuss how Michigan Saves and Pace Financing can help you get your project financed so you can save money on energy bills.



Friday June 26, 2015

Community Hall Workshop Schedule

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[accordion_item title="11 AM, Community Hall: Solar Policy Update: Valerie Brader, Larry Ward"]

This workshop will cover state energy policy and perspectives, as well as the latest from the new Michigan Agency on Energy.


[accordion_item title="NOON, Community Hall: Keynote Address: Patrick King, Suniva"]


[accordion_item title="2 PM Community Hall: Consumers Energy Programs for Gas and Electric Customers"]

Consumers Energy Programs: Consumers Energy staff will discuss energy incentives, services, and programs available to their electric and natural gas customers.


[accordion_item title="3 PM Community Hall: Tri-State Renewable Energy Panel"]

Tri-State Panel: Tyler Kanczuzewski, Indiana Renewable Energy Assoc., Don Scherer, Green Energy Ohio, and Sarah Mullkoff, GLREA will discuss policy and market developments in the tri-state region.


[accordion_item title="5 PM Community Hall: Reception and Networking"]

Join us for a reception and networking in the Community Hall. Open to the public.


[accordion_item title="6 - 7:30 PM Community Hall: Lasagna Dinner: Open to the public, Mason VFW"]

Join us for delicious homemade lasagna, vegetarian choices included. $12/adult $8/under 12 Please reserve on www.brownpapertickets.com


[accordion_item title="7:30 - 9 PM Community Hall: Musical Entertainment: Community Hall"]

Cash Bar



Click here for detailed Satuday Schedule


Thursday, 28 May 2015 15:55

2015 Fair Events

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Friday June 26, 2015


Monday, 09 February 2015 17:39

Scholarship Nomination

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scholarshipsIn 2014, Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association started a scholarship drawing at the Michigan Renewable Energy Fair for high school graduates who would be pursuing math or science fields at the higher education level. Ten $500 scholarships and three $250 scholarships were awarded at the Michigan Renewable Energy Fair June 28, 2014. The winners are pictured below with Dave Milarch, Champion Tree Project.

GLREA is repeating the program and will award at least 10 scholarships at the Michigan Renewable Energy Fair on June 26 & 27, 2015 at the Ingham County Fairgrounds in Mason, MI. Scholarships are awarded by a lottery type drawing. Each student nominated has an equal chance to win a scholarship to be used towards tuition.
Nomination guidelines:
• Student is pursuing math, science or engineering related field in higher education
• Student attended any public or private high school in Michigan or may be a home schooled student
• Student may be attending a local community college, or any college or university in the state of Michigan
• Student must be nominated by a former teacher prior to June 1, 2015 through our online nomination system
• Nominated student or a representative of the student must check in at the Michigan Renewable Energy Fair on June 27 at least one hour prior to the drawing and be present to win

To nominate a student, please complete our Nomination Form.

If you or your group would like to donate to the scholarship program, please contact Allan O'Shea.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014 00:22

Call for Presenters

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Each year the Michigan Energy Fair offers many workshops. The workshops are designed to appeal to the general public, homeowners and business owners from small entrepreneurs to large manufacturing facilities. 

To provide fresh and expert material, GLREA is issuing this Call for Presenters. 

If your topic is be beneficial to our members, the public, the local community or municipalities, please consider submitting a proposal. Generally, our workshops are 50 minutes in length. Most workshops are offered once, either Friday or Saturday. Occasionally we elect to repeat a workshop based on the appeal and expected attendance. We look for topics which are valuable and will provide information to large numbers of attendees or exhibitors. We normally run several concurrent workshops with a variety of themes both Friday and Saturday. 

Hands on demonstrations are encouraged. The fair grounds has the benefit of having huge amount of outdoor space where hands on or DIY clinics may be held. This year we are also calling for Poster Presentations which is a new idea for the energy fair but we feel there are many individuals and groups who have quality material they would like to share through a different delivery method. 

If you are interested in presenting at the 2015 Michigan Renewable Energy Fair, please complete the form below. The fair committee will be reviewing submissions during January 2015. If you have questions, please Contact Us!!



Monday, 15 December 2014 19:36

Food Vendor Application

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Michigan Renewable Energy Fair

Food Vendor Application

GLREA is looking for a few select food vendors for the fair. Among the new themes for this years fair is Local Food. If your company or organization specializes in fresh, wholesome and healthy foods, please consider applying for a food booth at the fair. Ideas include smoothies, healthy salads and sandwiches, vegetarian and vegan foods, real BBQ or homemade ice cream!! If your youth group specializes in beverages like fresh tea and lemonade don't hesitate to apply!! 

Please complete and submit the following form.

The Food Committee will be reviewing applications and will be in touch shortly. The committee would like to award selections by February 15, 2015. 


Monday, 15 December 2014 03:22

Exhibit At The Fair16

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Michigan Renewable Energy Fair & Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo

Two great shows...one great venue

GLREA has partnered with Midwest Trade Show Services to enhance the Michigan Renewable Energy Fair in 2016 by addting the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo "GLEPE" to the fair.

Your company exhibit or sponsorship is an important vehicle which assists our oranizations in producing the 16th annual Michigan Renewable Energy Fair. This year will be the best fair ever! GLREA is excited to be able to offer a greater diversity of products and services to fair attendees. Companies who work in renewable energy, energy efficiency, emergency preparedness, sustainable living practices, urban farming, the environment and other non-profit associations are encouraged to exhibit.

2016 Booth Pricing

Member Benefits

Membership has its benefits!! GLREA Business members receive REDUCED BOOTH PRICING!!

  • 10 x 20 Interior Booth $350
  • 10 x 10 Interior Booth $200

If you are not a business member, purchase a membership and receive the member discount when you register! 

Sponsor the Fair (click here!)

Ontario Sponsor $500

  • 10 X 20 Booth
  • Sponsorship recognition in Fair Program Guide
  • Two passess for Friday workshops and Friday night reception

Erie Sponsor $1000

  • 10 X 20 Booth
  • One small advertisement in Fair Program Guide ($75 value)
  • Sponsorship and recognition in Fair Program Guide
  • Four passes for opening reception

Huron Sponsor $2500

  • 10 X 20 Booth
  • One medium advertisement in Fair Program Guide
  • Logo and name on Fair signs and Fair Program Guide
  • Eight passes for opening reception

Michigan - $5,000

  • 10 X 20 Booth
  • One Medium advertisement in Fair Program Guide ($150 Value)
  • Logo and name on Fair signs and Fair Program Guide
  • Sponsorship mentioned in promotion and advertising
  • Ten passes for opening reception

Mackinac - $7500

  • 10 X 20 Booth
  • Full page advertisement in Fair Program Guide
  • Logo and name on Fair signs and Fair Program Guide
  • Sponsorship mentioned in promotion and advertising
  • Thirteen passes for opening reception

Superior - $10,000 and up

  • 10 x 20 Booth
  • Full page advertisement in Fair Program Guide, on back cover or inside cover page ($300 Value)
  • Logo and name on Fair signs and Fair Program Guide
  • Sponsorship mentioned in promotion and advertising
  • Fifteen passes for opening night reception

Sponsor registration or contact us for invoicing and to pay by mail.




Friday, 12 December 2014 22:38

Exhibitor & Sponsor Registration

Written by

Save the Date!!
2015 Michigan Energy Fair
June 26 & 27, 2015

Ingham County Fairgrounds
700 E Ash St
Mason, MI
Map to Fairgrounds

GLREA is pleased to announce we have opened registration for Vendor Booths for the 2015 Michigan Energy Fair. The Michigan Renewable Energy Fair will return to the Ingham County Fairgrounds in Mason, MI following a very successful fair in 2014.
Early Bird Registration: November 1 - December 15, 2015
Early Bird booth prices are available through December 15, 2015. Payment must be received no later than December 15, 2015.
Prices will increase so get your booth and Early Bird Rates Today!! See Map Below to select your booth number(s). 

Friday, 12 December 2014 16:45

Michigan Renewable Energy Fair 2015

Written by

Celebrate Energy Independence!

Come to the Fair!

Click Here to Download the 2015 Program Guide

The Michigan Renewable Energy Fair June 26 & 27, 2015

GLREA is giving you and your family a reason to celebrate! Kick your Fourth of July holiday week off at the Michigan Renewable Energy Fair. The 15th annual fair gives families, small businesses, kids and students a chance to learn about ways to save money in homes and businesses by becoming more energy efficient and how to invest in renewable energy and get a return on your investment. People travel from all over the midwest to come to the fair and learn how to take steps to become more energy independent and learn from others practices that can make your family or business more sustainable.

The fair is not a trade show. The fair combines fun with local food, fun hands on activities, small size workshops where you can ask questions to engaging speakers and we throw in music for good measure and to insure a festive atmosphere.

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Have you ever wondered... energy independence

  • does solar make sense on your home
  • does solar work in Michigan?
  • about the installation process
  • would new windows make sense in your home?
  • is there a way you can replace your propane pig?
  • how you can grow enough food to feed your family
  • how you can replace your roof with a cool roof
  • how to build a net zero home or even what is a net zero home?
  • what kind of power does and electric vehicle have?
  • how far will an electric vehicle go?
  • how can I get a charger for my electric vehicle?
  • can I go off grid?


10GLREA017At the fair you can see these technologies, touch them and learn how they work in a low key, no pressure, FUN atmosphere. If you have questions you can talk to installers and manufacturers in a relaxing environment to learn so you can make informed choices. 

GLREA takes pride in our Kids Tent and Activity area on Saturday from 9 am - 3 pm so your kids can enjoy fun and games just like you!

There are free workshops all day. The workshops start on the hour and run about 50 minutes. There are several different workshop topics which run through the day both Friday and Saturday so you are able to select from several topics you may be interested in. Energy efficiency and renewable energy are not one size fits all. Solutions are as individual as people. After you have gotten information in workshops, you can actually touch and feel, like the young man trying the Scooter from Current Motors in the picture above.

New this year will be an area where local artisans and crafters can participate in the fair and give visitors and opportunity to BUY LOCAL! Do you make delicious jams and jellies? Do you make furniture from reclaimed wood? Do you make local honey? We are looking for a variety of small businesses and hobbyist to be involved in our BUY LOCAL Artisans Area. Contact us for more information. 

In 2014, GLREA awarded 13 scholarships to young graduates entering college or a technical school in a STEM field. This was a HUGE success and we are taking donations for 2015 scholarships and nominations for students. LEARN MORE

So come on to the fair and celebrate Energy Independence!!

Come to the fair whether you have an interest in energy and efficiency, a graduate heading to college, or you are just looking for something to do June 26 & 27. There is camping at the fairgrounds so you can make a weekend out of it.

Check back often for exciting updates on exhibitors, workshops and other fun events!!

If you are interested in exhibiting at the fair or sponsoring the fair get more information. If you have a workshop presentation you think would have value for others, answer our Call for Presenters. Do you or your group have wholesome foods you think people would love, complete our Food Vendor Application.

independence passThere is a small gate fee which helps defray a portion of event costs, however there is a free Independence Pass! How? GLREA Members get free admittance to the fair so Join GLREA today and be the first to get information about the fair plus as a member you can get in free! Volunteers also get in free! Our volunteer shifts are short, only about 3 hours, and then you can enjoy the rest of the fair on your own or with family, friends or business associates. You will also receive Volunteer Bucks which may be used towards membership, dinner or GLREA gear PLUS a t-shirt so you can say, Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt!firecracker

Come celebrate and have a blast!

You being there will make a difference!



Buy Early!! Join GLREA today ~ Individual and Family Memberships 1/2 off during June!

GLREA members get into the fair free. Annual Individual, Student and Family memberships are 1/2 price during the month of June so Join Today!! The 1/2 price memberships are available through Brown Paper Tickets. You may also send a check to GLREA, PO Box 534, Rockford, MI 49341.

We encourage you to purchase tickets prior to the fair so we are able to plan better. The following events at the fair require a ticket:

Lasagna Dinner: Friday June 26, 6 - 7:30 pm Adult $12, Children 12 & under $8

Pancake Breakfast: Saturday June 27, 7:30 am - 10 am $8

Non-Member Admission: $5 individual, $10 family

Camping: $25 per site

With Brown Paper Tickets you will be able to print your own ticket, download to your cell phone, or will call at the registration desk.

Register Early!!


Information will be updated soon! Check back often!!

Ingham County Fairgrounds
700 E Ash 
Mason, MI 48854

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