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Energy Fairs & Activities

Highland Park Regional Energy Fair - 'Energy, Sustainability & Tech Fair'

GLREA is pleased to announce the 2018 Regional Energy Fair in Highland Park, MI on May 12. The name of the event is Energy, Sustainability & Tech Fair. It will be taking place at the Prayer Temple of Love, a church located at 17 Hghland, Highland Park, MI 48203. The Fair will start at 11:00 am and run to 4:00 pm and then we will drive five minutes for a reception and music at Parker Village, 181 East Buena Vista, Highland Park. Parker Village is an innovative development project that incorporates solar and other sustainability technology.

This Energy Fair is being organized by GLREA, Parker Village and Soulidarity - a community orgnaization that is educating homeowners and business about solar energy systems and is busy working to get solar streetlights installed in Highland Park.

We will be having speakers and sessions to explain how solar energy works, how people and business can obtain low interest financing for installing solar and additional sessions on sustainability and new technology.

We will also be discussing policy work that is designed to expand renewable eenrgy in Michigan including the 2018 renewable energy ballot campaign called Clean Energy, Healthy Michigan that is proposing to increase the percentage of electricity that utilities in Michigan must generate from renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, from 15% to 30% by 2030.

There is no charge for this event. Food and refreshments will be provided. Please join us for this Energy Fair!

For more information contact John Freeman at Jfreeman13@comcast.net or call at (313) 655-7945.

Regional Energy Fairs

Rather than holding one Statewide Energy Fair every year, GLREA has decided that we will now be organizing more local Regional Energy Fairs in different locations in Michigan.  Stay tune for announcements of Energy Fairs and other GLREA activities.  For more information contact John Freeman at Jfreeman13@comcast.net.

Michigan Solar Users Network

The Michigan Solar Users Network (MiSUN) is a network of solar owners who share information regarding their experience in owning solar in an effort to educate and expand solar to other homeowners and farmers. Members also discuss the various uses of solar, including hot water heaters and swimming pool solar heaters. GLREA provides support for MiSUN and is working to set up new local chapters. There are no additional membership dues for joining MiSUN.

Current chapters are operating in Ann Arbor (called A2 SUN), Lansing (LaSUN), Warren (WarrenSUN) and Ypsilanti (SolarYpsi). To join click on the MiSUN box and fill in your email address. For more information contact John Sarver at johnsarver3@gmail.com.

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