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Julie Baldwin

Julie Baldwin
Manager of the Michigan Public Service Commission’s Renewable Energy Section

Julie has worked with utilities, renewable energy advocates, and other interested parties to help develop Michigan’s renewable energy policies and procedures including net metering, renewable portfolio standard, wind energy resource zones, and value of solar.

Julie Baldwin is Manager of the Michigan Public Service Commission’s Renewable Energy Section.  In her 27 years with the Commission, in the areas of natural gas and electric utility regulation, she participated in several major workgroup processes including:  21st Century Energy Plan, Wind Energy Resource Zone Board, Solar Working Group, and Public Utility Policies Act of 1978 Implementation Review.  Currently, Julie and her section are working on the administration of Michigan’s renewable portfolio standard, resolving issues related to distributed generation, and coordinating the Standby Rate Working Group.  Julie has enjoyed the opportunities she has had during her time at the MPSC to work with innovative, motivated and professional people!


One of the most rewarding experiences in Julie’s career was her work with renewable energy advocates, utilities, and others at the MPSC to develop the MPSC’s Electric Interconnection and Net Metering Standards in 2009.  Having these Rules in place allowed implementation of a streamlined interconnection process and a much improved net metering program.  The Rules contributed to reducing the time to interconnect a basic residential solar project from more than six months to as little as two weeks.  It has been a pleasure for her to see the number of net metering customers in Michigan grow from just 11 in 2006 to over 1,800 in 2014.