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Wendy Olinyk

Wendy Olinyk
Harvest Energy Solutions, VP of Finance and Administration

Wendy Olinyk, co-founder of Harvest Energy Solutions, is the Vice President of Finance and Administration. Wendy is responsible for leading the company’s financial and administrative operations, including human resources. Prior to her time with Harvest Energy, Wendy was owner and President of EaglePro Communications, a leading provider of a variety of satellite antenna mounts, strut kits and branded junction boxes that were marketed to the telecommunications and consumer electronics industries. With more than 20 years of sales, marketing and operations experience, Wendy has held various executive-level positions in communications technology and manufacturing before moving into renewable energy.

Wendy and Mark entered the renewable energy industry in 2006 and started Harvest Energy Solutions to provide renewable energy solutions to the agricultural market, rural home owners and business owners. The company originally focused on wind energy. With cost reductions in solar energy, development of long-term warranties and increase in the availability of materials, Harvest Energy Solutions transitioned into the solar energy market. Harvest Energy Solutions is based in Jackson with sales offices and dealerships throughout the Midwest. Harvest Energy Solutions also manufactures racking and clips used in solar installations from their facility in Jackson.

“Our passion for renewable energy, especially solar energy, continues to grow as demand increases,” said Wendy. “We enjoy working with farmers and business owners who realize the operational benefits as well as those interested in preserving our environment.”