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Have you heard about Community Solar in the Great Lakes?

Community Solar has come to Michigan. Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association (GLREA) is your source for information on Community Solar.

To get the latest news on Community Solar and projects underway in Michigan check out our Michigan Community Solar Facebook page.

GLREA Michigan Community Solar Facebook Page




These are just a few of the questions that can be answered by the GLREA members who are working hard to bring you information about Community Solar. GLREA will help you navigate the path to getting YOUR community solar project started.

Community Solar is a concept that is being led by people like you. Community Solar is developing across the country, across the Great Lakes, and in Michigan! Community Solar allows groups of people to invest in a solar energy system built in their community and by their community. Project members receive a return on their investment (ROI), many times through a reduction in their energy bills or a periodic payment for the value of the energy produced by the share(s) the member owns in the project. This works much like a stock dividend but the results may be more satisfying. Investors put their funds into real renewable energy projects which they can see working in their OWN community. Project members are able to see their investments helping their own community. Reductions in billing and periodic payments are just a few of the financial models. People are starting the Community Solar movement, GLREA is researching the efforts and will help bring the latest news to your community. Join us! if you are interested in starting your own project.

Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association received a grant from the Michigan Energy Office to study "The Feasibility of Community Solar in Michigan." The grant made possible a Community Solar Guidebook which helps you to understand community solar issues and opportunities and develop your own project whether you are a utility, local government, business, or non-profit organization. While community solar projects can be done now in Michigan. GLREA also made a number of Community Solar Policy Recommendations to the State of Michigan to make it easier to do community solar projects. If you are interested in having a presentation made to your organization, contact Dave Konkle at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What is SUN?? Cherryland Electric Cooperative, near Traverse City, Michigan, announced the Solar Up North (SUN) Community Solar Project on April 15th, 2013. Cherryland Co-op initially planned for the installation of 42 solar collectors at their headquarters. The panels would be leased for 25 years to each participating Cooperative member. The end cost was $395 per panel to members. In return, the owner of each panel would be credited for the energy produced by their solar collector(s) on their monthly electric bills. At the ribbon cutting ceremony which took place on Friday, June 8th, Cherryland announced they had expanded the program to 80 panels due to overwhelming participation in the program. Cherryland has expanded their SUN project to an additional 144 collector system, which currently under construction, in response to the large demand. COMMUNITY works in Michigan! This project is a great example of what happens when utilities and consumers come together for mutual benefit. Community Solar Works!

Consumers Energy’s Solar Gardens Program is moving forward. Recently, the Board of Trustees at WMU and GVSU approved moving forward with 1 MW and 3 MW Solar Garden facilities, respectively. The engineering is in the works and construction is expected to begin late fall with operation in the April-June 2016 timeframe. Enrollment for all customers is expected to begin in late October.

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A Guidebook for Community Solar Programs in Michigan Communities:Solar Guidebook White Paper:

          GLREA Recommendations for Community Solar



A Consumers Guide: Get Your Power from the SunPV electric guide pic  




A Consumers Guide: Heat Your Water with the Sunshw guide cover






Are you interested in supporting projects and research in Community Solar? 

Join GLREA today! GLREA needs YOUR support to continue bringing exciting projects like Community Solar to your neighborhood!

To get the latest news on Community Solar and projects underway in Michigan check out our Michigan Community Solar Facebook page.

GLREA Michigan Community Solar Facebook Page

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Long time GLREA member Dan Alway passed away September 21, 2015. Dan was a renewable energy pioneer and advocate who worked tirelessly to promote renewable energy. Dan was involved in many things over the years including Kalamazoo Nature Center and a scoutmaster. GLREA has started the Dan Alway Memorial Scholarship which will be awarded annually to a student entering higher education.

James Carter, GLREA Board Member and 2016 President passed away June 21, 2016. Jim was a dedicated renewable energy advocate. Jim's integrity, zest for life and intelligence will be missed. Donate in Jim's memory.

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