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Renewable Energy focused Mechanical Engineer.

Master of Engineering in Energy Systems from University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)

- Thesis work on Analyzing the Effects of Deformation on the Optimization of Wind Turbine Blade Airfoil Design.

- Coursework focused on Wind and Solar power generation, but included Geothermal (Heating and Power), and Hydro.

Work Experience

- Created a predictive model for the integration of the largest Solar Array in Michigan with the MSU Power Plant. The model included minute by minute solar data from one panel that was used to predict the performance of the entire array.

- General construction and procurement experience working with a wide array of vendors and clients in the energy industry and others.

- Engineered design experience with large scale heat exchanges, boilers, furnaces and piping design for a variety of substances.

Independent Research

- Renewable Electricity-free Vaccine Refrigeration


Connor Daly

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