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Customer and driver text messages

With a simple API, SMS can be easily integrated into existing transportation and logistics systems, allowing customers, drivers, and employees to communicate quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

A two-way communication channel is an easiest and safest way to get in touch with drivers or contractors on the move. It is as simple as clicking a button to communicate changes in the drop-off or pick-up schedules, correct contact information, or new jobs.

Communication with customers is also most effective through SMS messaging. 90% of text messages are read within four minutes, according to research; mobile phones are most likely to be in close proximity to people, making it more likely that they will see, read and act on messages.

Customers' loyalty and relationships can be significantly improved if they receive text messages regarding delivery statuses, proof of delivery, or updates on service updates.

It is common for customers to wait for delivery of materials or parts while on-site or remotely working, such as workers such as builders, electricians, gas technicians, maintenance contractors, mechanics, etc.

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