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Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association

The Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association is a statewide 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our members educate, advocate, and promote renewable energy. GLREA is a member driven organization with a unique mix of both individual memberships and business memberships. The annual Michigan Renewable Energy Fair is our premier event to bring businesses, municipalities and homeowners together to explore ways to save energy and produce energy. The public is encouraged to attend the fair. 

The Michigan Renewable Energy Fair is a very unique opportunity to connect with the public, government, NGOs and other businesses. If your group or organization is interested in exhibiting or sponsoring the fair check out our exhibitor information page.

GLREA welcomes individuals, families and businesses interested in promoting renewable energy and sustainability. Visit Join GLREA.

To learn more about community solar, visit our community solar page. GLREA has speakers who may be able to present information for your group. Contact us for more information.

Connect with a GLREA business member who is in your area. A listing of member businesses in a variety of areas of expertise may be found in our Business Directory.


2016 Fair Sponsors and Partners

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