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Learn About Solar Energy

Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association (GLREA) is a non-profit that works with businesses that install solar, wind and geothermal renewable energy systems. If you are interested in a renewable energy system and would like to learn how they work and how you can save money for your home, business or place of worship, then contact us and we can have one or more of our energy contractors get in touch with you. You can also learn more by reading our Michigan Residential Smart Solar Shopping Guide. We also have an abbreviated version of the Michigan Residential Smart Solar Shopping Guide.



You can also access our Michigan Solar Communities Guidebook. The Guidebook includes information that will help local units of government, organizations, and individuals learn about solar and geothermal renewable energy and be a resource to support the deployment of it. 

For a list of solar and geothermal contractors go to the GLREA Business Directory. These energy professionals will explain how solar works (or wind and geothermal) and what the process is to install a system. They can also help you get a low-interest loan if need it, to pay for the system.


If you want to save money and help protect the environment then consider installing your own renewable energy system and generate your own power! 


Contact John Freeman for more information at or (313) 655-7945.

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