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Three Great Shows - One Great Venue

GLREA Welcomes the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo (GLEPE) and the Sustainable Living Summit to the 2016 Fair at the Ingham County Fairgrounds June 24 & 25, 2016.


The Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo offers exhibitors a large audience of survival professionals and industry enthusiasts. Local businesses and emergency responders, including the local government agencies and military professionals. are among the many who exhibit and attend GLEPE. There will be many opportunities at the 2016 fair to learn about energy efficiency, energy self reliance and how to be prepared for emergencies.

We encourage county and local governments, municipalities and businesses leaders who prepare Emergency Action Plans to attend. The information you receive about how to reduce costs in your jurisdiction through energy savings and incorporating renewable energy while learning the latest in emergency preparation will be invaluable. This could be the most fun and educational event you will attend all year. If you are planning on having several people from your organization attend the fair please get in touch with us about any special meeting spaces we may be able to provide you.

GLREA hosts Sustainable Living Summit 2016 at the Michigan Energy Fair

The Sustainable Living Summit features acclaimed keynote speakers, panel discussions with expert presentations, workshops and exhibitors in a famly friendly atmosphere. The theme of the SLS is Connect Here! The focus is to network industry leaders and earn about sustainable lifestyles, how to create sustainable homes, businesses and communities.

FAQs and Things You Should Know

Is this a gun and knife show?

No. This is not a gun and knife show.

The Michigan Energy Fair showcases energy efficiency, renewable energy, alternative energy sources like wood and biomass, alternative vehicles like electric vehicles and bicycles. Emergency preparedness for families and communities will also be part of this year’s fair. Emergency preparedness is about dealing with both natural and manmade disasters. It involves mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery to lessen the impact of disasters and includes things like response to power outages due to weather events, tornadoes, ice and snow storms and other weather event response, fires and other emergencies. Is your family prepared for a power outage? Do you have a plan and practice fire drills in your home? Do you know where the closest emergency storm shelter is? Do you have food stores, water, a generator or source of power for an extended power outage?

There will be no firearms on exhibit or for sale.

Am I allowed to bring a firearm to the event?


The Ingham County Board of Commissioners adopted Resolution #98-227 October 13, 1998 which revised the rules and regulations of the Ingham County Fairgrounds. Among other things, the resolution addresses fireworks, firearms and other weapons.


No person shall:

  1. Have in their possession or control any firearm, shotgun, pistol, rifle, slingshot, pellet gun, air rifle, fireworks or explosives within the Fairgrounds, unless approved by the Fair Board. This rule shall not apply to any law enforcement officer.
  2. Have in their possession or control any bow and/or arrow within the Fairgrounds except by prior written permission of the Ingham County Fair Board.

You may read the full resolution here: http://www.ingham.org/BC/BC/index/98-227.htm

Can I bring my pet to the event?

GLREA follows the rules Ingham County Commissioners have set up for the county fair. Pets are not allowed during this event. During the event, no dogs or other pets shall be allowed outside of the owner’s personal/business vehicle.

Leader dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf, and, service dogs for other handicapped individuals are permitted in all areas at all times.

Who attends the fair?
People from all walks of life come to the fair.
Homeowners who are looking to save money on their utilities.
Businesses who are looking to add to their bottom line.
Families who are concerned how they will handle a power outage.
Students who are interested in renewable energy.
Political candidates who are interested in meeting with their constituents in a relaxed atmosphere.
People who want to network with others and discuss sustainablility.
GLREA business and individual members.
Government employees who are looking for ways their community can be more sustainable, save tax payers money and reduce budget costs.
People who are interested in learning new methods of gardening, beekeeping, food preservation and other sustainable living topics.
People who are interested in community.
People who like homegrown Michigan music like Seth and Mae.
People who are interested in learning about alternative fuel vehicles.
People who like to have fun.
Real people come to the fair.
Are you one of them?

Sponsor or Exhibit

The fair is the largest event of this kind in Michigan and the Great Lakes. Visitors come from all over the state of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Canada and other states to learn about energy, sustainability and preparedness. See for yourself why becoming an exhibitor or sponsor at the fair is the right choice for your company.

Teach a Workshop

The fair offers two days of workshops. If you have expertise in renewable energy, sustainability, climate change, energy efficiency, emergency preparedness or other trending topic please consider submitting an RFQ.

Who Are the Exhibitors and Sponsors

Learn about the Sponsors and Exhibitors who will be at the fair. There are local "boots on the ground" companies including solar installers, LED Lighting experts, food preservation, emergency generators, wood stoves, and others.

What's at the Fair?

The fair is a two day event, Friday and Saturday, filled with various workshops, hands on activities, electric vehicle show and over 100 exhibitors. Mark your calender and plan to spend both days. This is not a drive by show. Check the weekend schedule and download our mobile ap so you can be updated as the schedule changes.

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Learn About MiSUN
There are many ways you can incorporate Solar in your life. It really does work in Michigan!

Learn more from our Michigan Solar Users Network.

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Is your community or group interested in learning more about Community Solar? Visit our Community Solar page including our downloadable Community Solar Guidebook and other great information!

Check back often for updated information on the 2016 Fair

Michigan Snow Pony on the Event!

2016 Fair Sponsors and Partners

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U of M Solar Car

GLREA Sponsorship

UMSolar1With your help Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association can show the world that we support the U of M Solar Team and their efforts to develop the best solar powered vehicle in the world. Your support of any donation amount, even $5, will help. Together we can make a difference.

Learn More about the U of M Solar Team


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24 Jun 2016n08:00AM - 05:00PMnMichigan Renewable Energy Fair
25 Jun 2016n08:00AM - 05:00PMnMichigan Renewable Energy Fair


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Long time GLREA member Dan Alway passed away September 21, 2015. Dan was a renewable energy pioneer and advocate who worked tirelessly to promote renewable energy. Dan was involved in many things over the years including Kalamazoo Nature Center and a scoutmaster. GLREA has started the Dan Alway Memorial Scholarship which will be awarded annually to a student entering higher education.

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